KRL Web is based in Brighton in East Sussex, and have been designing websites for more than 20 years.

PHONE: 07930 255805

The internet can be a bit of a minefield for those who are new to it, so one of our main criteria is to try and make it as easy as possible for our clients to promote their business on the web, without making it unnecessarily complicated.

Initially we will have a meeting with you to discuss exactly what your requirements are, so that we can advise you how best to set out your site. Any photos and logos that you have can be included on your pages, or we can take photos for you.

We do not use templates.
Every website is individually designed to the customers' specification. The customer can have input at all stages during the design.

Domain registration
. We will also undertake to register your own domain name ( for example), and will also provide webspace for your site.

Website maintenance. We run a maintenance programme in which we will update your site for you as required throughout the year.

Redesign. If you already have a site but feel it needs redesigning, or are unhappy with your provider, please contact us for a competitive quote.